What States Allow Online Gambling?


What States Allow Online Gambling?

As online gambling continues to gain in popularity, more states are legalizing or setting the groundwork for residents to soon enjoy the freedom that comes from wagering from home. Casino play remains the most popular form of online gambling available and major operators provide services throughout the US; currently 23 states offer legal sports, horse and casino bets while that number continues to expand over time.

New Jersey was among the early pioneers, legalizing online casino and sports gambling within six months of the Supreme Court reversing PASPA. Now offering 22 licensed casinos as well as mobile and online sports wagering. Churchill Downs provides pari-mutuel betting both on-track and at off-track licensed facilities – offering one of the best racetrack experiences anywhere.

Iowa was another state that quickly capitalized on the Supreme Court decision by legalizing sports betting at both casinos and racinos within its borders. Unfortunately, online casino gambling remains prohibited within Iowa despite many players engaging in offshore sites; this is likely because state gambling laws don’t target individuals themselves, rather regulating providers who provide these services instead.

Kansas shares similar gambling laws to Iowa, with residents permitted to gamble at nine brick-and-mortar casinos and no online casinos; however, national platforms offer daily fantasy sports and horse racing services which don’t directly address this form of gaming.

Minnesota is another state that has been slow to legalize online gambling, offering only tribal casinos as an option to residents. There have been legislative efforts made in recent years to legalize casino play online casino play for residents residing there; none have made headway.

Mississippi will likely not introduce laws any time soon that make it easier for its residents to engage in iGaming bets, although Mississippians do have access to 23 retail casinos; however, due to COVID-19 pandemic delays the anticipated launch date of online casino gaming until January 22, 2023.

Connecticut recently legalized online casino gambling and currently only allows two operators, DraftKings and FanDuel, to serve its residents legally. Plans exist to increase this number but that likely won’t take place before sometime around fall 2022 at least.

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