How to Get Free Chips in Pop Slots Game App


How to Get Free Chips in Pop Slots Game App

Pop Slots is a social casino game app that gives players the thrill of Las Vegas-style gambling from any location, using only an iOS or Android mobile device to access it. The game offers three casinos mirroring real Vegas casinos that you can unlock as you level up; players also earn Loyalty Points that can be redeemed in-casino for real cash prizes!

To get started in the game you must create a free account and download the app. Once installed you can begin earning free chips! Connect your game to Facebook to increase earning potential and unlock additional features – plus refer friends for even more bonuses!

To maximize the enjoyment of the game, it is crucial that you collect as many free chips as possible. One easy way of doing this is visiting this page daily and clicking on one or more of the free chip links posted here; each link will open a new window displaying both Pop Slots app and a small window containing free chips – simply close them when finished to continue collecting from this link!

Your free chips can be used to play slot machines and other casino games in the game, including jackpot slots. Although they’re no replacement for winnings, free chips may help replenish your bankroll – although be wary about spending too much as there’s always the risk of losing large sums of cash!

Participate in tournaments hosted by the game for maximum chip accumulation! As you continue playing in these tournaments, more Loyalty Points you will accumulate. In addition, Daily Prizes provide another means of earning Loyalty Points; but be mindful that they only provide rewards once per day and may only offer additional benefits the following day.

Watching ads in-game can also be an excellent way to collect free chips, though using third-party apps makes this much simpler and will allow you to easily make decisions about which offers are worth your while. These apps make use of instantaneous results so you can make informed choices as to which offers are worthwhile.

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