How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Hot


How to Tell If a Slot Machine is Hot

how to tell if a slot machine is hot

Playing hot slot machines is every casino player’s dream, but can you really tell when a machine will pay out? In this article we’ll examine various strategies people employ in an attempt to identify whether or not a particular slot machine will deliver.

Some players believe that a machine is hot if it has provided multiple wins recently, which they view as a good indicator that it will continue paying out large sums in future. Others consider machines hot when they see a streak of big wins coming their way and fear that at any moment, their jackpot may drop suddenly; though this theory doesn’t correspond with actual data as each spin on slot machine is random and unrelated to previous results.

To accurately judge which slot machines are “hot”, go out to a casino on an off night or early in the morning when more slots are open for play. Once at the casino, move from machine to machine trying out different ones until one pays out more often than others; this will allow you to see which are “hot”, while at the same time providing insight as to which ones don’t pay out often enough. Be wary that no machine stays “hot”, so when betting big increases should decrease once things cool off. Once “hot” machines start cooling off you should reduce bet size before moving onto other ones that may come more frequently pay out more regularly in future trips!

Ask a casino employee. These workers see thousands of people gambling each week and should have an idea where the hot slot machines are. Be prepared to tip generously if a casino employee says they don’t know. Be sure to ask anyway about them anyway and if they provide insight, make sure you give a generous tip if they give any.

One way you can test the payout percentage of any machine is to deposit some money and see how much returns after some period of time. Getting back more than ten dollars indicates a machine is giving back more than it should, and you should consider switching machines immediately. One final note – do not keep playing machines that do not pay out as you may continue hoping they will start paying you back eventually. Errors like these only lead to frustration and money lost, so try your best not to fall into their trap! Many players make this error and it should be avoided at all costs if possible – best of luck! Paul Ace Diamond Blow is an award-winning spoken word artist, musician, punk rock star, kung fu master and part time Space Commander living in Seattle, Washington. Additionally he is well known as an enthusiastic casino gaming enthusiast in the Pacific Northwest casino circuit.

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