Can I Book Travel For an Unaccompanied Minor on Line?


Can I Book Travel For an Unaccompanied Minor on Line?

can i book travel for an unaccompanied minor on line

Travel can be daunting for kids without parental or guardian supervision, which is why most airlines offer special programs where children can fly alone for a fee and be accompanied on their journey by an agent. Each airline may impose different age and fee restrictions as well as flight limitations; check their website or call ahead before booking!

Delta Air Lines’ Unaccompanied Minor service caters to children ages 5-11, providing special boarding and deplaning procedures, layover escorting, check-in services at their destination airport as well as child-friendly lounges during their trip – some routes even offering them the chance to meet pilots!

Other airlines set lower age restrictions; for example, some allow children as soon as they turn 12 to fly alone while others wait until 15. Additionally, certain airlines allow older kids to fly without paying the Unaccompanied Minor Fee, though this depends on which program they enroll in.

Many airlines require phone bookings or won’t let you select an unaccompanied minors (UM) option when searching flights online; however, some offer them on their websites like Spirit Airlines’. When searching for unaccompanied minors flights online at Spirit, simply select zero adults and the number of children under 14; Spirit then allows you to select “Flights with Unaccompanied Kids” option at checkout.

JetBlue and Southwest airlines also allow parents to book trips online for their unaccompanied minors (UMs). You must, however, call them first in order to discuss details like ID requirements for them as well as a release form signed by someone who will pick them up after landing. Furthermore, airlines require that anyone accompanying or dropping off/collecting children also carries government issued photo identification when travelling together.

Airlines that allow you to book UM trips online often provide a dedicated phone line where you can ask any queries about flights to international destinations. When it comes to international trips, airlines recommend speaking directly with them for any assistance or answers to any concerns that arise during booking UM trips online.

Most airlines that permit Unaccompanied Minor (UM) bookings online also have dedicated phone lines for queries regarding these bookings, which you can find by searching their websites for “Unaccompanied Minor.” You can also see which guidelines each airline has in place regarding these UM bookings by looking at their FAQ sections; United Airlines for example includes guidelines as part of its FAQ section regarding these reservations.

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