Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine?


Does Herbal Tea Have Caffeine?

Herbal teas, also referred to as herbal infusions or tisanes, are beverages made by steeping herbs, flowers, fruits and/or spices in hot water for consumption. Herbal teas do not use traditional Camellia sinensis tea leaves and most are naturally caffeine-free; however, some like yerba mate and guayusa contain small amounts (around one milligram per serving) which should be noted on the package label and avoided. To find caffeine-free herbal teas this is important when shopping – make sure the label indicatess this!

No matter your experience level with herbal tea, finding a caffeine-free beverage has many potential advantages. Herbal tea can help ease anxiety and promote restful sleep; green and oolong varieties, for instance, have natural energy-boosting properties. In order to find one best suited to you and your lifestyle needs, learn all you can about their ingredients and brewing methods before choosing which variety would work.

Does herbal tea contain caffeine? That depends on its ingredients. Herbal blends may include leaves, stems, seeds, barks or fruits in addition to leaves and stems brewed at a lower temperature than true teas (usually 5-15 minutes of steeping before being enjoyed), so they likely do not have as much caffeine content than traditional black or green varieties like these.

Caffeine is an effective stimulant that can have positive results when taken in moderation; however, excessive consumption can cause anxiety and insomnia. At Zest Teas, we recognize that each individual has their own caffeine tolerance; that’s why we provide such a wide selection of tea blends so you can find one to meet your individual needs.

Traditional green, black, and oolong teas contain low levels of caffeine to qualify as herbal. Green tea, for instance, typically has around half as much as coffee; however, certain tea varieties such as matcha and bashan silver tip can contain higher caffeine concentrations due to being produced with shade-grown leaves; also some rooibos teas and pu-erh can contain small traces due to being made from first leaves and buds harvested from rooibos plants; while all herbal options (including decaf options) naturally contain no caffeine at all.

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