How to Build an Entertainment Center


How to Build an Entertainment Center

how to build an entertainment center

Are you looking to add style and function to your home? Consider investing in a multipurpose entertainment center. A wall-mounted unit can serve not only as a place for TV and entertainment equipment but can also house books, knickknacks, pictures, candles vases and other decorative accents. Your wall-mounted cabinetry can become an at-home bar by adding shelves for glasses and cocktail supplies, including storage for bar tools like bottles of liquor. Before beginning any wall-mounted project, take time to understand your space and plan it properly. Placement should be carefully considered, particularly if there are permanent fixtures like doors and stairways that could interfere with its placement. When mounting an entertainment center on one of your walls, create a diagram to identify any obstructions such as heating registers, baseboard heaters or electrical wiring that might obstruct its path.

Entertainment centers can be purchased from furniture stores, but building your own can save money and provide an opportunity to customize a piece of furniture to meet your specific needs. Before beginning this endeavor, however, make an honest assessment of your skill level and time commitment – overcommitting could result in less-than-ideal or unsafe results.

Entertainment centers require sturdy frames made of either wood or another material; you’ll have several choices for construction methods when choosing this element of the center, from prefab frames or raw materials such as plywood and studs, with wood being popular because of its versatility of styles and finishes.

When choosing a frame, take into consideration the size of your television as well as any additional features in your entertainment center. Decide how large to make it; remember, bigger doesn’t always equal better! Sometimes too large a frame may make viewing impossible!

Add rustic charm to your entertainment center by including rustic barn-style doors to cover your television screen. They can be made of reclaimed wood for maximum authenticity or from any type of lumber; distressed finishes add depth. Other options for rustic entertainment centers include open shelving or combination cabinets/shelves.

Repurposing an old dresser you already own to use as an entertainment center is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly alternative that gives your DIY project added personalization, such as adding photo frames from your collection onto its surface. Reusing pieces you already have can range from thrifted items to your bedroom original; all it needs is some TLC such as fresh paint and updated hardware to make it like new again! Re-purposing can save money while providing an opportunity to use furniture that has sentimental value with each family member or friend while adding sentimental sentimental pieces or pieces displaying photo frames of family or loved ones for display!

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