What is the Lottery Game Tonight?


What is the Lottery Game Tonight?

what is the lottery game tonight

Are you curious as to which lottery game will take place tonight? Look no further. This article contains all the pertinent details regarding New York Lottery drawings that take place every night and provides all of the answers here.

Drawings take place each Tuesday and Friday evening from 11:00 PM ET until the jackpot has been won, featuring five white balls and one gold Mega Ball with prize levels ranging from $2 up to the jackpot prize amount. You can win by matching your numbers on your ticket with those drawn; check your results via myLOTTERY app, retailers or select TV news broadcasts to check on them.

Scratchers games such as $200 Frenzy, Deuce$ Wild Poker and Red Hot Cash provide additional chances to win big! For more information on claiming prizes visit our How to Claim page.

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