What’s the Best Cruise Line to Travel on?


What’s the Best Cruise Line to Travel on?

whats the best cruise line to travel on

If you’re just getting into cruising, choosing a cruise line might seem overwhelming. This guide to the top cruise lines for all travelers is intended as an overview, yet still provides options that should cover most people.

Start by identifying what kind of cruise vacation appeals most. An all-inclusive and minimal planning trip might be ideal, while research before each port of call could enhance your time at sea. Budget considerations and hands-on traveller preferences must also be kept in mind; most major cruise lines offer multiple ships for you to select the one best suited to you.

Norwegian, Celebrity and Carnival cruise lines offer flexible vacation experiences ideal for the average passenger looking for an enjoyable cruise vacation. Each offers different itineraries and ports from Asia and Australia to the Caribbean and Alaska – including family-friendly voyages as well as party cruises! Carnival has recently upgraded their fleet and earned a reputation for fun yet budget cruises.

Experience luxury sailing aboard an all-suite vessel and with top-tier service on a high-end luxury line, such as Cunard. Cunard is perhaps best known for their legendary ocean liners like Queen Mary 2 that carry passengers between London and New York on seven-night Trans-Atlantic crossings; additionally they also provide 100+ night world cruises on luxury ships that circumnavigate the globe. Fast-growing Viking has taken steps not to label itself as luxury lines yet its ships have staff-to-passenger ratios many would consider high end as well as many inclusions in base fares that many would consider luxurious.

An intermediate class of cruise lines offers more space per cabin and high-end amenities than mass market ships, like Holland America. While they largely rely on tradition for travel experiences, Holland America is making waves with new venues and engaging itineraries that stand out. Ponant stands out in this group too with their fleet of rugged yet luxurious expedition ships that travel far-off places like Antarctica and the Arctic.

Niche cruise lines cater to specific markets. These typically are smaller, operate fewer ships and have an excellent reputation. Sailing & Cruising Company’s small ships are especially beloved among sailing aficionados who appreciate more traditional sailing experiences while taking advantage of modern technologies; others like Hapag-Lloyd Cruises offer itineraries to the Polar regions aimed at families with young children.

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