How to Play Fortune Tiger


How to Play Fortune Tiger

how to play fortune tiger

If you want to win real money playing Fortune Tiger, it is essential that you understand its workings and its bonuses and symbols – once this is in place you can start spinning those reels with hopes of earning big payouts!

Fortune Tiger is an exciting online slot with an Asian theme and user-friendly controls, optimized for touch screens on both iOS and Android devices. However, to ensure smooth gameplay on both platforms it is recommended that a strong internet connection be maintained at all times.

The visual design and animation of this slot perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Chinese New Year festivities, making this game visually engaging. Players will find themselves immersed in shades of gold and red as they encounter various enchanted symbols representing traditional lucky items used during celebrations – adding an appealing cultural aspect that will likely resonate with many players.

Fortune Tiger offers something for every type of player – video slots enthusiasts and classic card game fans alike will find something in this game to meet their gaming needs. Offering multiple betting options and unlockable special bonus features, Fortune Tiger provides both challenging and relaxing play experiences alike; plus its free play mode lets you test it without draining your bankroll!

To start playing, choose your bet amount per spin with the plus and minus buttons on either side of the Spin button. After selecting your wager, press Spin to shuffle symbols and display results – if your predictions match those displayed tiles you will have won! To adjust bet amounts simply click again on their appropriate buttons.

Fortune Tiger offers various betting types and an abundance of ways to win, including Jackpot game and Free Spins feature that provide additional ways to do just that. Success with any strategy requires strict adherence, a generous bankroll and perseverance – something Fortune Tiger does exceptionally well!

As you progress through the various levels of the Jackpot game, bonus multipliers that will multiply your winnings will become available – this feature should be taken advantage of whenever possible as it offers extra chances to increase winnings! Furthermore, Free Spins feature will remove low-value symbols from reels for bigger winning combinations and larger winning combinations overall.

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